Time to Get This Blog Going…

Much of this blog will be written as it comes to mind. Some of it will be descriptions of my daily life and what I go through living with EDS. Some of it may be commentary on Disability Culture, disability and the place of people with disabilities and the wider world, why intersectionality in the world of disabilities is important but never talked about, what Ableism is, and why more people need to know what it is.

People need to know that those of us with disabilities and chronic illness do not fit into the stereotypes the world has created for us. People need to know that some of us with chronic illness are not looking for a cure.  People need to stop looking at those of us with disabilities or chronic illness and either dismissing us with pity are looking at us as inspiration.

People need to know that we live normal lives.  We date, we fall in love, we get married, we even have babies. We want the world to know more about us; we don’t want to answer every stranger’s stupid question about our disability.  We are not perfect: some of us are sweet, some annoying, some of us became disabled just like you see on TV, most did not.

Through this blog I hope to be able to give a glimpse into the life of one person living with chronic illness and disability. Some of it you may already know, some of it may surprise you. All of it, I hope, will be worth reading.


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